Corporate History

Founded in 1983, Best Real Estate Management, Inc. Company is recognized for its management services throughout the El Paso business community. As a team we continue to grow, establishing ourselves as proven leaders in the third party management industry. Within the past five years our management portfolio expertise has encompassed in excess of two million square feet of office commercial/retail and industrial warehouse space, exceeding $90 million and administrating over $5,000,000 in annual operating budgets.

Please see Managed Facilities for a list of properties.

Personnel Strengths

Consistent success and growth belongs to teams and not players. Everyone at Best Real Estate Management, Inc. is your partner. All are highly skilled and dedicated to the overall success of our client’s properties. Best Real Estate Management’s job as your property management company is to increase the value of the asset by increasing net income.

Corporate Personnel

Our program centers on an aggressive manager and staff. It is implemented with the direction and supervision of the President and Vice-President together with an aggressive property manager. A full service maintenance staff and a highly educated and competent accounting department support the management team. Their levels of experience ranges from 9 years to 30 years in the industry.


We believe the key to quality client service is based upon well-trained and motivated personnel. We encourage all our employees to strengthen their professional skills through the achievement of appropriate designations such as Certified Property Manager (CPM®), Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®), and Systems Maintenance Technician/System Maintenance Administrator (SMT®/SMA®). All the above designations are considered Masters in Property Management given by the Institute of Real Estate Management and Builders, Owners, and Managers Association.