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Full Service Property Management Company

We provide management for commercial, industrial and office buildings, condominium associations, retail and more.

Depth of Services

To effectively manage the many needs of our client’s investments we train and hire employees with a wide range of skills. This expertise covers high-rises, warehouses, retail strip centers, condominium associations along with planning, consulting, leasing, marketing, financial analysis/reporting, maintenance, inspections and overseeing operations for new construction, tenant build out, or remodeling of the above type properties. Through close supervision at every level of operation, we can bring the advantage of all our experience to benefit each property that we manage.

Professional Property Managers

A full service maintenance staff and a highly educated and competent accounting department support the management team. Their levels of experience ranges from 9 years to 30 years in the industry.

Highly Trained Maintenance Staff

We strive to ensure quality and efficiency. After all, appropriate maintenance is one of the key paths to reaching investment goals in any real estate investment.

Yardi Voyager Property Management Accounting Software

We are a fully automated company to provide quick and professional service to our clients, tenants/residents and vendors.

Leasing Experts

Best Real Estate Management has a comprehensive and aggressive marketing plan for companies that hire us to lease or sell their real estate. We take aerial and/or ground level photographs of the property and we prepare marketing media which includes as much pertinent information as possible.

Advantages and Depth of Service
Best Real Estate Management manages office buildings, retail properties and mixed-use properties.
We oversee the day-to-day property operations including rent collection, tenant correspondence and inquiries, site inspections, property maintenance, vendor bidding and selection, service contract negotiation…
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Financial Reporting and Controls
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on staff, BREM provides a high level of financial reporting using state of the art property management accounting software and highly trained personnel.
Best Real Estate Management outlines the complete process for developing the scope of work, identifying specifications, receiving bids, and obtaining owner approval.
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Highly trained maintenance staff provides preventative maintenance and day to day services 24/7.
Appropriate maintenance is one of the key paths to reaching investment goals in any real estate investment.
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Property Inspection
We maintain a database of over 70 million square feet of commercial space and 200-apartment complex’s that is updated regularly.
With this base, we are able to provide pre-acquisition due diligence services (market analysis on property sales and lease rates), including property inspections and financial analysis.
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100 North Stanton
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6006 North Mesa
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7500 Viscount Blvd.
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506 Main Las Cruces Tower
506 Main Las
Cruces Tower
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Towne Center, 1506 N. Lee Trevino
Towne Center
1506 N. Lee Trevino
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WestStar Tower
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Martin Lofts
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Property Marketing and Leasing

Return on investment can only be obtained with high occupancies. BREM has qualified brokers to attract and retain prospective tenants. We combine an organized marketing campaign with technical expertise and lots of hard work so that your property is leased or sold quickly and competitively.

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Best Real Estate Management offers our clients a broad range of property types in the El Paso area. We provide management for commercial, industrial and office buildings, homeowners associations, apartments and more. See our listing.

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